Having a profesional home inspection done prior to the purchase of your new home is absolutely vital.  You can learn what components make up your home and what condition they are in.  You want to be armed with as much information as you can. Wether it's a leaky roof, cracked foundation, or just some minor issues, you need to know that before you buy!!  


Selling your house? This inspection is usually done prior to listing.  It will help you find all the issues before they come up when the buyer has their inspection done.  It will give you a list of items that may need to be repaired prior to closing so that you can be prepaired before they ask for compensation! 


Inspect your builder's work before you take ownership, and before your home warranty expires! Even brand new homes can have problems.  You can find them before they become yours!  Maybe the roofer didn't do their job correctly, or maybe they didn't hook the plumbing up just right?  People often think that the codes inspections are enough, but we find saftey and function issues all the time that "passed" codes.  Find out what the next step is today!

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